Strangers at the Gym

Happy Tuesday! Hope you’re day is going well so far. From the name of this post, you can probably guess how my day started.

My day started bright and early with the intention of getting in a run. Obviously, I forgot that I went for a painful 4 mile run last night when I was setting my alarm last night. I stumbled into my closet to get on my workout gear and could feel my tired legs and sore hips screaming at me. So yeah, the run didn’t happen. But since I was awake, I decided to go to my gym to get in a little lighter impact workout before my work day began.

I started with an interval workout on the treadmill that combined a mix of incline walking and light jogging. I alternated between quick walking and jogging for about 25 minutes to keep it light and easy on my sore legs but still get my heart rate. I sweatin’ hard! I finished my workout with some upper torso work, about 5 minutes on the rowing machine, and 1 mile on the Elliptical. I felt kind of lazy going through the motions this morning at the gym, but like I’ve said before, every workout isn’t going to be so rockin’ that your whole body is on fire. Some workouts are simply going to be a little less intense.

So aside from the actual workout this morning, the gym was just weird. I have no better word to describe it. Weird. The normal morning crowd was there. I’m used to seeing their faces, and I’m starting to even memorize their individual workout routines. But what wasn’t normal though was the older men lurking around strength equipment. Two new men were there, both had long white beards, both were limping around (like any 80 year-old would), and both only did some arm work on the machines. All I could think is “Why is Santa Clause at my gym??!”

THEN, there were several new middle-aged men there on some cardio equipment. They weren’t the weird part. The weird part happened when they had friends randomly show up in work clothes (think a road crew get up), and they proceeded to just stand around and chat with their buddies who were actually using the gym.

The whole time I was working out, I couldn’t help but focus on all these strangers in the gym. Who were they? And why did they have to be there when I was there?! I’m silly, I know. But this just goes to show how much we are creatures of normality and routine. I probably won’t be back to the gym until Thursday morning…so let’s hope I can at least feel a little more relaxed. I can’t focus with all those newbies around!


I’m not gonna lie; my breakfast was not exciting today, and I’ve been hungry most of today because of it I’m pretty sure. The most exciting part was probably my Pumpkin-spiced coffee from Trader Joe’s. That stuff is pretty amazing and made my house smell extra festive!

But food-wise, I had some Greek yogurt that I sprinkled some Fiber One Cereal into for added crunch, and then a banana on the side.

photo(69) photo(70)Wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t special. I need to make some overnight oats or something similar tonight to make tomorrow morning’s meal a little more enticing.


Lunch started with a big, pretty salad with a little Lite Italian dressing.

photo(71)I gobbled this up while my eggy mixture cooked in the microwave!

photo(72)I whipped one large egg with about 3 tablespoons of lowfat cottage cheese and microwaved it on high for 1 1/2 minutes. I then stirred in another spoonful of cottage cheese to cool it down a little and make it a nice creamy consistency. It was delicious! And had lots of healthy protein to help me power through the rest of my day.

Tonight will be pretty normal. I teach Jazzercise until 8, and then I’ll finally head home with a hungry tummy I’m sure. 🙂  Tomorrow is my day off of teaching, so I’m going to try and get in my last long run before my first 10K that’s Saturday morning! I’m pretty pumped about it – Nick, not so much. But I know we’ll do great!

Have a great day/evening. I’ll see you tomorrow!



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