Jazzercise Fall District Meeting

This past Saturday started out bright and early for me, which I was not super excited for since we were out for a fun evening on Friday at the BCFO event. But I had to get ready to hit the road to Kansas City with my Jazzercise instructor team!

We loaded up in our fearless leaders Katie’s car at 8 am with our overnight bags in tow and made it to KC in time to grab a quick lunch before our meeting started at 12:30.

We have 2 meetings each year in Kansas City where all the instructors from the district come together and have a sort of business meeting on a Saturday afternoon. Kelly Sweeney is our district manager, and she leads the meeting where we learn about lots of things Jazz, Inc. related!


Kelly is the one on stage there in the white dress. She always puts together a great meeting full of important info.

photo(71)I was a rebel and didn’t put on my nametag. Oops. But I did listen and participate, so that has to count for something, right?!

photo(70)Check out this funky/terrible carpet that was in Marriott Convention Center we were at. I couldn’t stop staring at it during the meeting. Why is it that convention centers and hotels always have disgusting looking carpet in crazy designs? I have no clue….

The meeting wrapped up at 5 pm, and we went to check into our hotel for the evening. We stayed at a Sheraton close to the downtown Power & Light District. All 5 of us crammed into 1 room, and it actually worked out great!

Once we got settled and put on some fresh clothes, we headed out for the evening which started with dinner at Nara. It was a nice little sushi place that Katie liked to frequent when she lived in KC years ago.

I started my meal with some yummy seaweed salad.

photo(79)And then ordered 2 different rolls. One was called Mr. Lobster Roll and the other was an Apple/Mango/Crab roll.

photo(78)Both were amazing!! I couldn’t get enough of the lobster roll, and the apple/mango roll was almost like a dessert for me. Yum!

After dinner, we ventured into the KC Power & Light District. I had never been there before, so I had no idea what to expect!

photo(75) photo(76)Yes, this is Katie and Kim riding the bull at PBR. And the rest of our evening kinda went like that…HA! After some late night snacks, we made it back to our hotel room by 1:30 am. It was a late night but completely worth it. I always have so much fun with this group of ladies!

photo(80)Aren’t we cute?! We found this fun little telephone booth and had to do our group photo with it.

We headed back to Springfield early the next morning after we got some greasy McDonald’s breakfast in our bellies.

Someone was happy to see me!

photo(84)And for good reason. We also stopped by a Trader Joe’s in KC, and mommy brought home treats!

photo(74)It was my first trip into Trader Joe’s, and I left with organic dog treats, pumpkin butter, and pumpkin coffee!

photo(83)Mac was the most excited for the dog treats though.

photo(73) photo(72)The pumpkin butter is amazing!! Seriously SO GOOD. I had a spoonful of it this evening with some cottage cheese. Best idea I’ve had all day. YUMO! And I’m trying out the pumpkin-flavored coffee tomorrow morning. I’m sure it’ll be amazing as well. 🙂 Now come on Springfield and get a Trader Joe’s already!!

Nick was happy to have me home too. But I think mostly because he wanted to go get Mexican food without going alone.

photo(81) photo(82)Hah he’s so attractive. We celebrated my return home with some Mexican food for lunch at the new Jose Locos on Glenstone. It was delicious. And we’ve decided it will be our new go-to Mexican place. Hooray!

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend spent with my best friends. Now I’m just trying to get back to real life. It may take me the whole week to catch back up!

Have a great evening, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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