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Chili Weekend

Hey everyone! I’m back! I just woke up from my Sunday afternoon catnap and realized I hadn’t written since Wednesday. Oops! But all is well. Busy lives just never seem to get less busy. 🙂

The end of my week was filled with work and Jazzercise. I was just anxious for the weekend to arrive! Nick and I had plans to attend the Sertoma Chili Cookoff at the Expo center in downtown Springfield on Saturday afternoon! I couldn’t wait for lots of chili in my tummy!

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to get in my last long run before the marathon next weekend. 10 miles flew by, and I was headed off to sub a 9:30 Jazzercise class before I knew it. I taught to a full room of 13 ladies with tons of energy, and it felt great! Maybe the 50 degree temps and sunshine had something to do with it?

Anyways, between the run and class I had carved a nice big calorie deficit just waiting to be filled with chili. After a shower, Nick and I headed downtown to let the chili tasting begin!


Mmmm, chili. 🙂 We tasted about 10 different kinds before Nick threw in the towel. I had room for a few more bites! It was a crazy environment though. And we didn’t hang out too much longer.

People everywhere!! We could barely make it from one side of the expo center to the other because of the Huge crowd. It was intense. But we still had a great time seeing friends and sampling chili from local restaurants and businesses. My favorite was from Dublin’s Pass – a local Irish pub. They didn’t win, but I definitely went back for several extra samples from their booth!

Overall, it was a good time! The only down side? Dealing with chili overload today. Our stomachs were not happy with us this morning!

After the cookoff, we went by Ultramax (a local running store) to grab some last minute supplies for next weekend. By the time we were done shopping, we were ready for some real food! It was 4 pm and I hadn’t had a real meal yet for the day. So we stopped by a fresh and healthy Asian restaurant called Koriya. I got the crispy shrimp bowl in the picture and it was delish!

It was full of rice, veggies, and tempura shrimp. I loved it! This restaurant is on the opposite side of town from us, so I’m not sure how often we’ll go back. But I think it’s worth the trip. They have an awesome menu with lots of healthy options!

Tonight I’m just trying to get a rough list together of everything I want to pack for next weekend. The Little Rock marathon is one week from today! By this time in the evening, we should be arriving home. 🙂 I’m so excited!!!!

Have a great evening everyone. Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend, and I’ll talk to you later!