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Snowed In with Chex Mix

I’m backkkkkkk! I know, I’ve been failing at checking in everyday. I just can’t seem to stay healthy lately! Plus the foot of snow that got dumped on Springfield on Thursday and Friday kinda preoccupied me too. 🙂

IMG_2776 IMG_2779This was my cul de sac on Thursday night after I got home from work. Jazzercise was completely cancelled for the evening once the 4:30 pm teacher got stuck on the road while driving to the center! It took me a little over an hour to drive home….it usually takes 10 minutes. Needless to say, I was a stressed mess by the time I pulled into my garage. So I took Mac for a walk in the snow to calm down a bit.

IMG_2781 IMG_2777Bundled up pictures in the dark are always the best. But seriously, the beautiful stillness that comes with a snow storm put me back into a good mood fast.  I can’ t even explain the sense of calm that was around the city on Thursday night. There wasn’t a single car on the road, and it felt like we were in a winter wonderland all by ourselves. I love it!

I was wanting to make some hot dinner for Nick and I, and this is all we had in the fridge….

IMG_2767We were kinda in desperate need of groceries when the storm hit. Not good! But we made it by for the night at least.

I was so excited when I realized I had all the ingredients to make some Classic Chex mix!

IMG_2789YUM!! This classic recipe was always a Christmas staple around my parent’s house, and the smell of it always takes me back! I make the classic recipe where you bake the mix for an hour and stir it every 15 minutes. I’ve seen microwave recipes on Pinterest, but I don’t want to mess up the classic. It’s SO good!

IMG_2771I started by melting a stick of margarine in this large baking sheet in the oven.

IMG_2770 IMG_2772Then I mixed in the typical ingredients: Worchestshire sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, and seasoned salt. And next comes all the yummy stuff!

IMG_2769 IMG_2773I stirred this up well, spread it out evenly, and set it to bake for an hour. The house smelled heavenly!

IMG_2783 IMG_2784The recipe I followed made a ton! And we are still eating on it. Not that it’s a bad thing.

IMG_2786After a night of eating and hibernating, I woke up to a wintery wonderland, and the snow was still coming down.

IMG_2795 IMG_2794This picture has a road in it….one that I would’ve had to travel on to work that day. I decided to just stay home with Mac. 🙂

IMG_2800I was lazy for a big chunk of the morning and had lots of coffee and cereal in front of the tv.

IMG_2792 IMG_2791And around noon, I started feeling pretty sick. I felt feverish and achy. Ugh. But I started on some antibiotics right away and ibuprofen, and have been feeling mostly okay since the meds kicked in. Why can’t I just stay healthy?! So I really lucked out that I stayed home from work due to the snow.

IMG_2801Mac was happy to stay in bed with me for the rest of the day. I snuggled with this little guy as much as he would tolerate!

IMG_2804Sleepy boy!!

Luckily, the Diva Dash 5K that was scheduled for Saturday morning was postponed, so we didn’t have to go run in the deep snow. By Saturday morning, the roads were still completely covered in ice and snow!

But we’ll recap the rest of my snowy weekend later. Nick and I are watching A Christmas Story tonight. I’m trying to get myself into the festive mood a little more! Have a great night!


Messin’ with my Schedule

Good morning! Woot, it’s Thursday!! I always love Thursdays. Every week this day brings me a sense of relief since the weekend is within sight. Love it! Plus that sense of relief invokes a good mood. No grumpy cats around here!

Grumpy-Cat-PurinaHAhahaahah. Sorry. I love that poor little cat.

I didn’t get a chance to check back in for another post last night because a lot of action was happening in my kitchen.

photo(85)Yup, that right there is diabetes in a pan. Looks yummy right?

photo(86)Halloween Chex Mix made an appearance! Other goodies did as well, but I will wait to post pictures until I get them iced this evening.

I rarely cook up these types of treats in my kitchen, but this weekend brings up good reason for celebration and goodies are necessary! Nick, Mac, and I are heading to St. Louis to visit his family to celebrate several upcoming birthdays. My birthday is Nov. 1. His father’s birthday is Nov. 4. And his brother’s girlfriend’s birthday is Nov. 8! I had to make this Chex mix and lots of cookies last night to take along for our weekend fun. Yay for a little reason to splurge!

We are leaving right after work tomorrow evening and will stay through the weekend. Hence the reason for the post title – this trip will be messin’ with my schedule. Big time.

I LOVE Nick’s family. Love them. To pieces. Really, I do. So I can’t wait to go visit and spend lots of time with them the next few days. But since I just started out on this Half Marathon training plan, this trip will put a little kink in the regularly scheduled activities. I also have to get my Friday night and Sunday morning Jazzercise classes covered for me. When did weekend trips have to become so complicated?!

Luckily, I easily got my classes covered by my fellow instructors. Now I’m just trying to find a good way to squeeze in my weekend workouts and runs while in St. Louis! I have time on Saturday morning to attend a Jazzercise class at a local center close to Nick’s parents house and to also go running. But first, I have to figure out where to run and then how to get myself there. I’m terrible at driving around up there!

I’ve mostly stayed on track up until today, as far as my training plan is concerned. I started yesterday with a nice run. I was scheduled for 5+ miles, so I awoke bright and early and told myself I would run for 1 hour and just see how far that got me.

photo(84)It was stinkin’ cold outside! I think my body was in a bit of shock, and my pace was slower than normal. But I still made it almost 7.5 miles which set me off on the right foot for the day.

Today’s schedule is where it started getting funky. I should have started today with a shorter run (around 3-4 miles), but I instead taught the 5:40 AM Jazzercise class (I switched for my Sunday morning class). Tonight I will teach my normal class time at 6:45 pm. So today has become a cross training day, and tomorrow will be a shorter run day. I’m going to wake up early tomorrow to get out there and hit it hard before this fun weekend begins! I have a 3 hour car ride after work to rest my tired body and relax so waking up early is an OK compromise by me.

Soooooo, here’s another fun roundup of my upcoming weekend activities…

  • Make it to St. Louis by 8ish PM tomorrow evening
  • Dinner with Nick’s parents
  • Saturday morning Jazzercise class
  • 6+ mile run (somewhere?)
  • Meet my girlfriend Emily for a late lunch in the city
  • Relax at home (fingers crossed!)
  • Dinner out with Nick’s whole family
  • Sunday morning shorter run

And that’s about it, folks. I know I shouldn’t worry so much about all the small details, but I love making lists and staying organized.

Have a great day, and I’ll check in with you later!