Another Snowy Day

Hey there! How’s your Tuesday going? Mine has been pretty good since we had about 4 more inches of snow overnight! It was that really good kind of snow too: nice and fluffy. The little snowstorm made for a peaceful evening that is perfect for sitting by the fireplace. Which is exactly what I did last night with Nick and Mac. 🙂

Morning Run

Since we only had the snow and no more ice yesterday, I decided that I would wake up early and attempt another snowy run. My running shoes have great traction on the snow, but the ice….not so much. I woke up bright and early to an additional 4 inches of the fluffy stuff. It was so pretty! It was also my coldest morning run yet.

photo(6)Yikes! The wind was calm though, making this temperature at least tolerable. And, thankfully, most of the roads around my house had been plowed at some point during the night. So I headed off down the road at a much slower pace than normal.

My first mile was a 10:15 pace. I finished my 3.6 miles with an overall pace of 9:53. For a girl that has a normal pace of 8:30 or faster, this is a little hard to stomach. But the snow covered roads are a good excuse for slowing down a bit. Better to be safe than sorry!

I also freaked out some of the MoDot crews this morning. They were out in full force at 5 a.m. with the plows before the morning commute happened. And I don’t think they were anticipating seeing many runners this morning! Several slowed wayyyyy down for me even though I moved out of the way. I just smiled and waved them on. I kept thinking…”Keep on driving. I’m okay, just a little crazy.”  🙂

I headed back home by 6 a.m. to get ready and out the door early to beat some morning traffic. Driving in the snow doesn’t freak me out – it’s the other drivers that freak me out. And it was a slow and slick commute mostly.

image(12)But I made it to work safely and even early! I had trouble focusing though for the first half of the day. It was too pretty outside my window.

image(11)The day has passed pretty quickly since lunch though, and I’m excited to head out to Jazzercise shortly. My classes have been cancelled here and there since last Thursday when the snowpocalypse first hit. So I am ready to sweat with my ladies tonight! I’m teaching my regular back-to-back classes tonight, so I’m hoping a few students brave the weather with me.

I’ve felt kinda ‘off’ all day, and I’ve decided it’s because my workout regimen has been on a hiatus for almost a week now! I’ve gotten in a couple short runs, but I’m definitely needing my Jazzercise fix. Two classes tonight will do my body good and set me back on track.

Have a great evening!!


1 thought on “Another Snowy Day

  1. I had to go to early class tonight, as I have a bunch of cookies I have to make for tomorrow. I hope to see you Thursday night.

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