Jazzercise Pink Dance Party

Happy Monday morning! I know we’re all excited to start a new week..right?? Okay, maybe not. I’m pretty exhausted and could’ve used about 3 more days of rest. Hopefully I’ll feel different after another cup of coffee!

Last night I promised you a new Crock Pot recipe that I tried out, but I want to back up before dinner yesterday for this post. I promise the recipe later today. 🙂

Yesterday morning started bright and early because I couldn’t sleep! I thought after my long run on Saturday that I would be able to sleep straight through to my alarm at 7 AM, but no such luck. I awoke at 6 AM with a rambunctious dog crying at the foot of my bed. Mac and I got up, got the morning paper, and set out on a quick 3 mile run to warm up my sore body.

The weather was around 40 degrees, and we met lots of other runners along our path. It was a nice little morning to be out and about I guess! We made it home in about 26 minutes, and I immediately sat down in our livingroom floor to stretch out my sore quads and glutes.

The rest of the morning continued on with some hot breakfast and lots of coffee!

IMG_2343I toasted an English muffin and spread it with raspberry jelly before topping one side with some colby jack cheese. I love the combo of salty and sweet! I also had some Greek yogurt on the side for extra protein.

Jazzercise Pink Dance Party

I did some grocery shopping and had lunch before heading over to Jazzercise for our Pink Dance Party! We hosted a fundraiser class for some students that are raising money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. They are walking this upcoming Saturday in the American Cancer Society’s event. Everyone (not just Jazzer students!) were encouraged to attend and give a donation of $10. And of course, we encouraged everyone to wear pink!

IMG_2354Several members of our instructor team, including myself, volunteered to teach a fun Jazzercise Plus class that included a few more cardio songs and less body sculpting. We made sure we threw in as many ‘tata’ songs as possible!

IMG_2352Our turnout was fairly light, but we still had a great time! And my favorite part (besides the dancing)?? Cupcakes. 🙂

IMG_2356Yum! I had several of these tiny cupcakes and didn’t even feel guilty. We worked up quite a sweat during this special class!

IMG_2358I’m once again reminded of how blessed I am to be a part of such an awesome group of ladies. My friends from Jazzercise are some of the most fun and caring people I know!

And then after this fun class we headed to the London Calling double decker bus for an instructor meeting!

IMG_2361Cool, huh?! I think it’s pretty darn awesome. One of my fellow instructors is opening up a food truck here in Springfield called the London Calling Pasty Company, and this double decker is only part of their fun set up! If you like British food and are in the area, stop by London Calling starting this Friday! I can’t wait to try out some homemade meat pies. 🙂

Well I hope you enjoy your Monday! I’ll see you all later today!



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