Mac & No Cheese is Up and Running!

Welcome to Mac & No Cheese!

So you’re wondering….who would eat Mac without Cheese? Well, since I love cheese as most people do, I would be asking the same question. But in reality, this foodie/fitness lover is very lactose-intolerant. So, sadly, most of my noodles are served with no cheese!

Also, I was trying to be puny with this clever blog title. Mac is also the name of my tiny dog, a Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix I rescued a little over a year ago. He brightens my days and makes me happy happy happy!

Cute, right?
Cute, right?

I’m sure you can see why I love this little face. (And post way too many photos of him on Instagram!)

Pressing onward, I’m hoping that most days here at Mac & No Cheese will be filled with fun, food, and fitness. In a nutshell, I’m a young Jazzercise instructor that likes to try out new and healthy recipes!

I have a passion for fun workouts, yummy meals, and of course, Mac. But that’s enough about me for now. For more info about me and my crazy life, check out my About the Author page. I should have it up and running in no time!

Hope your Tuesday is treating you well. Mine so far has consisted of a semi-busy day around the office. I’ll see you after lunch!


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