Day 1, Complete.

Day 1 of a blog can be exhausting. Yes, over the past week or so I had been slowing planning what I wanted to say, how I wanted it to look, etc. But today has been a mind vomit overload. If I had posted everything that popped into my mind, I would have around 25,689 posts by now!

Okay, not really. But I’m trying to chill and pull my thoughts into one actually sensical post for the evening. On that note, here’s my first food post for thought…


Breakfast today was very typical for me during the work week. I’m not one to jump out of bed early and start cooking eggs and bacon. I’m lucky if I can remember my grab-n-go staples on the way out the door.

Nom nom Nectarine!

My breakfast consisted of a small cup of Greek vanilla yogurt, a nectarine, and a Special K Protein bar (not pictured). The nectarine was the highlight for sure! Sweet and tasty, but not the least bit mushy. Which I hate. Mushy fruit freaks me out.


Lunch was rushed today as I was not watching the clock at work and it was rather late before I left. I arrived home to a crazy puppy and a hungry belly. I threw together a spinach mix salad with some snap peas, radishes, and a sweet pepper that I ate like an apple on the side!

Pepper steals the show!

A little lite Italian dressing makes salads like these one of my faves. I then threw together a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with mustard and some more greens. For some reason, I’ve been on a big salad greens kick lately. They go into just about everything I eat. Makes me feel healthier I guess?? Regardless, it was delicious and filling.

Turkey Time

See that small orangey thing in the back? It’s a super thin slice of cheddar cheese. Yes I’m lactose intolerant. And yes, I LOVE cheese. So I typically opt for a tiny serving (that slice is only 35 calories worth) of the yummy stuff once a day and it doesn’t upset my tummy too much. So far, so good today!

I’m heading off to teach a 6:45 Jazzercise class. Have a great night and get out there and do something fun while the sun’s still shining!


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