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Cooler Runs & Rain Jackets

Happy Thursday! I hope you all have had great weeks. I can’t believe it’s already almost the weekend again! Geez! I’ve decided life will never slow down, so this is my new norm. Although, my spring racing season is almost over. So what does that mean?! More sleeping in! More running for fun! More Jazzercise! And then also…more anxiety because I haven’t raced in so long! Haha!

So this week has been wonderful for running because the temps have dropped drastically. Every morning has been around 35-45 degrees! Perfect! So I got in a quick 6 miles yesterday and then 5 miles this morning.


Each run started out super slow for me. But I’ve read somewhere that you should never judge a run by the first mile. So by mile 2, I tried to add in some speed work to make my legs remember what it feels like to run some 8:30 splits. It’s wasn’t super fun, but it did feel good to go fast and suck some cold air into my lungs. If I want to get a new half marathon PR below 1:54, I’ll have to really push some speed work this weekend and early next week!

Along with the cooler temps came a lot of rain. And by a lot, I mean ALOTTTT. So poor Mac has been cold and wet since Monday. But never fear – mommy pulled his lovely rain coat/poncho out for such a soggy occasion!

He hates me. Like really, really hates me. But he stayed dry. 🙂

Soggy doggie no more! He even went pee while wearing the jacket which was a miracle. In the past, he refused to potty with it on, which completely defeats the purpose. But yesterday he was brave and found that it is indeed safe to pee while wearing his yellow poncho!

Off subject here, but if you have a little male dog, does he pee on literally anything that sticks up out of the ground? Because Mac does. And he totally doesn’t care what it is. If it’s taller than the grass, he is gonna mark it.

As for a recap of the rest of my week, it’s been work and Jazzercise like normal. I’ve also been trying to eat a large salad at lunch everyday and have at least one serving of fresh berries!


And I must say, the fresh berries have been a welcome change to my eating habits! Plus they are a sure sign that summer is right around the corner!

Well have a great night, folks. It’s jazzercise like normal for me. I’ve got some new songs and I’m excited to teach! Wish me luck!



Happy Friday everyone! I’m so excited and ready for this fun weekend at the GO! St. Louis Marathon! Our bags are packed and everything seems to be set to go. We’ll get on the road to Nicks parents house right after the work day today.


So Mac and mommy have both gotten haircuts this week. It’s looking much sharper around our house these days!


Mine came first on Wednesday night. I got around 4 inches cut off. It’s amazing how much healthier my hair feels! I wanted to keep my length but knew I needed to chop a bit off for it to be healthy again. And then Mr. Mac’s appointment was early this morning!


He was a nervous little man on the way to the groomer this morning. I told him that he would also be getting his annual shots today during his groom. He was not too excited.

He was nervous! I dropped him off on my way to work. The nurses and groomer said he behaved wonderfully. Proud momma! And now he is set for the warmer temps we’ve been having. 🙂

I did leave him dressed in a shirt after lunch though. It’s only in the 40s today. He’s going to have to be dressed for a few days if the 70 degree temps don’t come back!


Anywho, last minute race logistics… My race starts at 7 am on Sunday. I’m bib 919. And I’m hoping to finish in less than 4:14 to set a new PR! The temps are looking great – in the 40s with some clouds and no rain! I know I can do it. It’s just a question of how fast?!

I hope you all have great weekends and do something fun! Think of me on Sunday morning as I’m running around the streets of St. Louis!>