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Go! STL Marathon Photos

Happy Thursday everyone! The weekend is almost here!! It’s an absolutely gorgeous day here. Sunny and 80 degrees! I love it, but this year the heat makes me kind of sad. Once it’s this hot everyday, I’m not sure how much running I’m going to be able to handle!

Today started by subbing a Jazzercise class, and it will end with Jazzercise tonight! Which is great for my post-marathon body. On top of being sore, I’ve also been swollen everywhere! My abdomen, my thighs, my feet… Everything is poofy and uncomfortable after my 26.2 miles on Sunday. So drinking lots of water plus a fun sweat session should help me get back to normal a bit faster!

My body definitely reacted to this race a little differently than Little Rock. I was super sore and could barely walk during the first 24 hours. By Tuesday I was walking a little better, but I developed a low-grade fever. Yuck! I felt icky all day. I think it was just my body’s way of trying to heal itself.

Today I’m finally feeling back to myself, minus a few aches here and there. And I’m actually more swollen today through my lower half than earlier this week. Weird? Yes, for sure! But I guess there isn’t a set standard for what your body will do after a hilly marathon!

I also found my race photos online. And I once again copied them like you’re not supposed to. Here are a few of my favs.













Watch that ponytail swing!! Haha I had no idea it was so out of control. I was thankful for my hat to keep my hair and the sun off my face though. I also didn’t realize how I awkwardly tried to smile at very single photographer on the course. Oh well! Better than the look of sheer pain. 🙂

Have a great evening! See you all lata!


Out with the Old

Happy hump day! These week is absolutely crawling on by, but the weather is beautiful so I can’t be too crabby about it. 🙂

This week I’ve been getting back in my normal flow of life post-marathon. Last week, I could not get with it. My post race stupor has worn off, and I’m feeling like my normal self again! I’m only 1 1/2 weeks out from the Little Rock race, so I’m rather impressed with myself! I’ve gone running several times since then (and I don’t hate it!), my soreness has disappeared, and I no longer want to cry when I talk about the race!

I actually really struggled with my emotions for about the first 3 days post-marathon. I was upset about the cruddy weather, the ‘cancellation’ incident, and the fact that these factors didn’t allow me to do my absolute best. I dreaded the ‘how did your race go?!’ questions from my friends. It was okay and great and fun! except…..for all the drama. Haha but it’s all okay now. And I know in a year from now I won’t remember how horrible the weather was or how much I panicked when I was told the race was cancelled at mile 23. I’ll only remember the feeling of elation when I crossed that finish line and got my giant medal!

So since I’m back in my groove, I decided to finally let my old training schedule go and put up my new spring schedule I made earlier this week.

Goodbye old friend. It feels like the end of an era since I’ve been using this plan since October. But I threw it away, and I must say that it does feel good to have a nice, clean, and shorter schedule up on my fridge currently!

And while we are here, let’s look at baby Thomas one more time. I went to visit this little guy over the weekend, and I can’t get enough! He’s so cute. And that cozy blue sleeper? Auntie Christine bought that for him. 🙂 fits like a charm! His momma is doing a great job at sending me pics since they live about an hour away from Springfield. Fingers crossed that they will come visit soon!

As for my next race, I’m getting very excited for the Shamrox 15K this weekend!!

It’s going to be a super fun event as long as the weather will cooperate! We could potentially get rain, but after Little Rock, a little rain at a 15K race won’t slow me down in the least. 🙂 Nick is being a doll and picking up my packet for me on Friday night since the location is close to his office. Then we will head downtown on Saturday morning at 8 am dressed in our St. Patty’s day finest. I invested in a good pair of shamrock knee high socks for the event. But more on those later…. Aka I haven’t tried them on and taken photos yet! Hope they fit!

Nick isn’t running (he has kinda sworn off the sport since our Thanksgiving morning 5K) but I’m hoping he’ll come be my wingman and cheerleader. Going to races alone is so depressing! I don’t know what I would’ve done without him at my last races. He definitely takes care of me!!

He took this selfie in Little Rock. I bet he is now regretting that decision. But I think he’s cute!

I hope you all have a great evening! This girl is gonna be relaxing and catching up on some laundry. Fun times!