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Getting Nervous!

Happy Thursday! It’s been a pretty ‘blah’ day here in SGF. The sun isn’t shining. There is dirty snow covering almost everything. And it’s not quite the weekend yet. Meh. But I’m trying to stay optimistic. I got in a nice run this morning despite the weather, and I will hopefully have a full Jazzercise class tonight. That is, if everyone decides to come out of hibernation. 🙂

My run yesterday morning and this morning were pretty similar in that the snow slowed me down a little bit, but at this point, I’m just happy that I can get out and run at all. This winter has been a harsh one, and lucky for me, I’m training for my first long-distance races in it! I did get some new running shoes though, and they are fantastic in the snow/ice so far.

photo(134)They have a nice, wide toe bed for stability, and a lot of traction on the bottom for not being trail running shoes. I’ve worn them on the snow a couple times since Christmas, and they have been great. And now I have 2 pairs of shoes I love so I can alternate between them instead of just running my Brooks into the ground (literally)!

This morning went I got back from my run and checked off my mileage for the day on my training plan, I got really nervous! I’m only 16 days away from my first half marathon, and I think my mind is just now finally realizing this. I’ve been training for so long (it seems) that it’s hard to comprehend that my race is finally here!

Before I know it, I’m going to be right back there in Forest Park in STL on a Saturday morning getting ready while Nick tries to calm me down.

20131228-180616.jpgIf I’m nervous now, I can only imagine how I’ll be on race day! I may not have the fastest time ever, but I know I will be able to finish strong after months of training. I can’t wait!

And on a lighter running note, my Diva Dash 5K has been rescheduled for this Saturday!

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 2.19.50 PMThis will be a nice, easy run with my girlfriends. And I can’t wait to debut my rockin’ tutu. The weather is supposed to be much nicer this time around, so there shouldn’t be anything standing between me and this fun race!

The only draw back is that I am technically supposed to be running 16-17 miles this weekend. So I’m deciding how to divide up my time and my miles on Saturday and Sunday. At the moment, I’m not really sure what I’m going to do. With the snowy sidewalks, I need to get my running done early in the mornings to not fight so much traffic. Or I can hope that one of the local trails are cleared off. OR I can split up my miles between Saturday and Sunday and have an extended long run. We’ll just see how things work out. 🙂

Tomorrow’s forecast is gloomy and rainy, so I think I’ll finally return to the gym in the morning. I haven’t been since before Christmas, and I’m actually missing it! (Not something I thought could ever happen!) I’m also hoping that tomorrow I can con Nick into picking up my packet for me for the Diva Dash. Pickup only goes until 6 pm and I teach Jazzercise until 7 p.m. Maybe if I make him a nice dinner, he’ll be willing to go brave the crowd of divas for me? Let’s hope. 🙂

Have a great Thursday, and I’ll see you later!