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Dark Workouts

Sadly, we are at the time of year where the sun doesn’t come up very early and it fades away earlier and earlier each night. What does this make for? Dark workouts. That’s what.

My morning runs/trips to the gym have been dark for a while, but now it’s also dark during my evening Jazzercise classes. Sad day!! Oh well, it’s bound to happen every year, it’s just a little sad after we’ve had such nice, long, sunny days all summer.

But with that being said, I hope everyone keeps up their exercise routines regardless of the sun’s hours! This is also a time of year when people slack off on their workouts because of the seasons changing. Stick with it! One of my favorite quotes relates to this directly: “Summer bodies are made during the Winter time. If you wait for perfect conditions to workout, you’ll never achieve your goals.”


Lunch today was supa fast and supa fresh thanks to some prep work last night. I put together an veggielicious salad last night that included spinach, mushrooms, carrots, snap peas, broccoli, and cauliflower.

photo(95)Look how pretty it turned out! I love fresh veggies, so I was eager to get home for lunch today. Plus, I love putting my salads together in tupperware bowls so I can easily add the dressing, recover, and then shake it up to evenly coat the whole salad.  I added a little Catalina dressing and shook this sucker up before I dug in.

photo(96)This salad was pretty hefty, so I wasn’t searching for too much more food by the time it was gone. I finished off my lunch with some cottage cheese and a fresh peach.

photo(97)I love the combo of cottage cheese and sweet fruit. The combo never gets old to me. And what if you’re fresh out of fresh fruit? Just stir in some jelly or preserves with your cottage cheese. It’s amazing, quick, and cheap!


Dinner was, well, pitiful tonight. I was beyond exhausted after teaching class until 8 pm, so I just had what was quick and easy.

IMG_6095Yogurt! I know you’re shocked. But I paused to snap a pic before inhaling it. Be proud of me.

IMG_3569I then quickly showered before making a skillet of sauteed broccoli slaw.

IMG_0989It was hot and yummy which is all I really cared about tonight. Other than this, I snuck a few bites of some turkey from fridge. And that was the extent of my dinner. Pitiful? Maybe. But it could be worse. 🙂

Do you know what tomorrow is?? HUMP DAY! Get some rest and I’ll see you then!


Holy Hotness

Forget the Fall-flavored coffees I’ve been talking about. It is still Summer for sure!

photo(55)HOLY HOTNESS! And fyi, it said 101 degrees about 2 minutes before I caught this pic. NOT okay. This made for a grumpy girl on my way home from work today.

photo(51)Counting down the days until the cooler temps are supposed to return to the mid-80’s. 4 days and counting…


Lunch today came together relatively quickly and painlessly! I wasn’t starving so this actually gave me time to prepare a salad and sit down to eat it while I pondered what else I would have to finish off my midday meal. (I’m usually so ravenous that I start inhaling everything in sight. But not today!)

photo(49)The salad was a tasty and colorful one! I topped fresh romaine lettuce with carrots, mushrooms, snap peas, and 2 peppers. A little Catalina dressing on top made this mixture extra yummy! The salad was pretty filling, so I opted to do an easy and quick sandwich for the rest of my lunch.

I topped a whole wheat Bagelthin with 1/4 cup cottage cheese and a couple slices of honey ham and a touch of mustard. Yum!

photo(48)This savory mixture never gets old. Being lactose-intolerant keeps me from eating cheese filled sandwiches on most days, but cottage cheese (in small amounts) luckily does not make me sick! It’s creamy goodness is a large staple in my eating habits lately.

photo(47)Of course, a little of the cottage cheese oozes out, so you have to be willing to lick your plate clean. It’s well worth it though, I promise!

And with that, I was full so I headed out with Mac on his midday walk. At this point in the day, it was about 1 PM and 90 degrees. I know my coworkers love when I come back to the office smelling of fresh sweat! 😛  Holy hotness, indeed!


Dinner started as soon as I arrived from Jazzercise tonight. I was feeling extra lightheaded and could tell my blood sugar was a little low. So I grabbed some banana cream pie yogurt (yum!) and added a tablespoon or 2 of Fiber One cereal. The crunch was awesome and a touch of carbs is just what I needed!

After a quick shower, I was digging through the fridge and found a bag of broccoli slaw that was getting ready to go bad. So I decided to throw it in a skillet to saute it – Pinterest style! Or at least I adapted it from something I saw on Pinterest…Enjoy!

Sauteed Broccoli Slaw

You will need…

  • One 12-oz. package broccoli slaw.
  • 1-2 sweet peppers, sliced/chopped
  • 1/3 cup sliced mushrooms
  • 1 ts minced garlic
  • 1 TB olive oil
  • 1 TB Lite soy sauce
  • Garlic salt to taste

To begin, I heated the olive oil in the skillet. I then added the minced garlic and let it simmer for 1 minute. Add peppers and mushrooms, stir and let simmer for around 2 minutes.

photo(54)Next, add the broccoli slaw. Stir this all together and let it cook for around 4-5 minutes on medium heat and stir occasionally. Note: Your skillet will feel very full, but it will become more manageable the longer it cooks.

photo(53)As the slaw starts to reduce a bit, add the soy sauce and sprinkle with garlic salt. Once the slaw starts to get softer and acts a bit like pasta, it should be ready to serve! Cook a little longer if you want a softer consistency – just keep stirring to avoid scorching!

photo(52)This was easy and filling!  Plus it makes a huge pan of low-calorie veggies that can be altered to your tastes. With the garlic and soy sauce, this version smelled and tasted like something you might get from a Hibachi grill restaurant. Experiment with adding different types of veggies or spices to adapt it for you meal.

Have a great night everyone!