Dear God…

That’s how my morning run went this morning. Dear God….please don’t let it rain on Sunday. Dear God….please don’t let there be another mid-race cancellation. Dear God…please don’t let me die.

Seriously. On my 4 mile run this morning, I prayed the entire time about my marathon on Sunday. I’m not sure why it’s really giving me anxiety today! In between my prayers, I would try to visualize myself doing well during the race. I tried to visualize myself charging up the daunting hills with ease. And I tried to picture myself crossing the finish line in a super-awesome victory pose. All of which I did, but it didn’t make me feel any less stressed. So then I just continued to pray. By the time I made it home, I was feeling kinda better and kinda worse about it. Why am I freaking out?!

I know I’ll be fine once we get to St. Louis and everything starts to fall into place. But this week of taper madness is hitting me hard. Maybe it’s because my first race was a little traumatic and I’m not sure if I’m ready to face it again. But I do know that this race cannot be any worse than my first one. There is a 0% chance of precip with a high of 60 degrees on race day. There are no thunderstorms with dropping temps in sight, and for that I am thankful! No more thunder-sleet racing for me!

Define Bottle

So my boss saw this super awesome bottle on the show Shark Tank (do you watch it?), and decided to go online to order one for herself. She also got me one as a surprise gift! IMG_3658 IMG_3656I was skeptical at first because fruit floating in my water kinda freaks me out. I don’t even get the lemons at restaurants because I hate the seeds getting in my water. But this fancy bottle takes care of all of those problems!

IMG_3657 IMG_3673 IMG_3676
I’ve been experimenting with my Define Bottle this week with new fruits and veggies. Halo oranges, cucumber slices, and strawberries have made it into my bottle so far. My fave? The cucumbers. Now I just need to get some fresh mint to add with the cucumber and it will be amazing! And as an added bonus, I haven’t been craving my normal packet of Crystal Light addition in my water that I usually have every afternoon. ‘Clean’ drinking at it’s finest!

This Week…

So far, this week has consisted of Jazzercise mostly. And carbo-loading a little. Carbs come in some very yummy forms at this Eastery time of year!

IMG_3671 IMG_3677I haven’t been home much to pack and focus on the weekend ahead (maybe that’s why I’m stressed?). Tonight my packing for the marathon will start, and I’m getting my haircut!

IMG_3680My hair is out of control right now, and I’m thinking a good cut of 3-4 inches will make it look healthy again. My love my long locks but my split ends are yucky. Maybe I should get my haircut more often than once every 6 months?? 🙂

Then tomorrow will consist of only 1 Jazzercise class, followed by me frantically finishing my packing. Luckily the forecast is making it easy to pack: crop running tights, a tank top, and rain jacket (just in case!). Done!

Friday, Mac is getting his summer haircut followed by his annual shots and checkup. He’s going to have all this done while mommy is at work, so he may not be very happy with me when I go to pick him up during lunch. But I’m just praying that they say he is healthy like usual!  Then right after work, we’ll load up and head out to STL for this fun weekend. I’m thankful the race is on Sunday so we will have Saturday to hit the expo and rest before my main event!

I got an email from the Go! STL Marathon yesterday telling me that my bib number will be 919. There’s no live steam video, but if you see any photos, watch for me! 919! They also offer athlete tracking for free – exciting! So Nick, my mom, and Nick’s mom will all receive text messages as I hit the splits during the course. I’m hoping this helps Nick to find me better throughout the course to keep any confusion at bay. Little Rock was confusing for him to say the least, so this one will be smoother!

Well have a great day everyone. Think of me while I carbo-load and prepare for the Go! STL Marathon weekend!


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