Pre-Valentine’s Day Chocolate

Happy Thursday! Or Happy Valentine’s Eve! It’s beautiful sunny day here, and I’m lovin’ it. Fifty degrees feels marvelous after the snow and single digit temps last week.

So today has been pretty normal. I woke up early and got in my 4-mile run – my weekly Thursday routine.

IMG_3275I started out SO slow. I was tired and pretty fatigued from running + Jazzercise yesterday. So for the first mile, I was just barely jogging and throwing a pity party for myself. But then I thought, “This is the perfect time to throw in some speed work.” Running at full throttle with extremely tired quads is the perfect marathon training. It’s a good way to figure out how you may be feeling in the second half/last 10K of the race. So I pushed through 3 sets of 1.5(ish) minute sprints up the worst hills on my route. I’m not crazy – I was just determined. I also wanted to hurry up and get home. 🙂 So the faster I ran, the raster I would be done!

I arrived home to a whiny doggie, so I walked Mac around the block since I had a few minutes to spare before my morning rush started. Once we got home, I got ready and made it to work at my usual 15 minutes ’til 8. I had my normal breakfast foods with me…

IMG_3273But after eating this, I knew today it wasn’t going to last me long. I’ve been craving chocolate and sweets like there is no tomorrow. Around 10 a.m., it got bad. By the time lunch rolled around, I was almost sick. Have you ever gotten this way? I rarely crave foods this intensely, but I was ready to do anything to get my hands on some chocolate. Nick brought some Thin Mints home yesterday, so luckily I snagged a couple of those for my lunch dessert, but they didn’t quite do the trick.

Yes, I’m hormonal this week, and that never helps. And also, I’ve been working out a little more than normal by teaching extra classes this week. Maybe my body just wants some extra calories and sugar? Either way, I will definitely be getting a small sugar fix soon…like tomorrow maybe??!

val1I’m just taking my craving as a sign that my body is ready and excited for Valentine’s Day goodies!

trufflesNick, if you are reading this, please have some chocolate truffles delivered to my office tomorrow morning by 10 a.m. Please and thank you. 🙂  hah! Some of these might be nice too…

master_CHCC041In all seriousness, I will probably just end up buying myself some V-day chocolate tonight, eat a few pieces, and then share the rest with my Jazzercise ladies tomorrow night. I’m also considering bringing some red wine to use as a door-prize for anyone that comes to class tomorrow. I’m hoping at least a small handful of students decide to come dance regardless of the holiday!

Well I’m off to put together a new song set for tonight and find some sugar before my mind explodes. 🙂  Have a great night and I’ll see ya tomorrow for Valentine’s Day!


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