500 Miles

Happy Thursday! Hope it’s been a good one for you. Sorry I never checked in last night. I had a completely lazy night at home, and it was fabulous. I got home from work, had a snack, and took Mac for a long overdue evening walk. And it must have really tuckered him out because this morning he just could not wake up.

This is how he sleeps while I shower in the mornings. We have a large master bathroom, so I just pull his little bed in there while I shower and get ready so he doesn’t whine at the door. He’s usually pretty alert and talks to me as I do my makeup, but not this morning.

IMG_3086He hid behind that toy and tried to keep sleeping as long as possible. Sleepy puppy = adorable.

And on a side note, I found this on Facebook last night.

Hilarious! And what’s even funnier is that my parents had a baby carrier for my old pug, Molly. She would sit in it for rides on the motorcycle with my parents. Yes, this is completely real, I’m not making it up. And no, I sadly don’t have photos or I would definitely share them. 🙂

500 Miles

This morning I went on my usual Thursday morning run of 4ish miles. After I completed my miles and saved the activity on my Runkeeper app, I got this fun little email.

I hit 500 miles! How crazy is that?! I know I have logged a lot of miles since I started really running/training in October, but I had no idea it would add up this fast. Surely with this many miles under my belt I can be ready for my first half and full marathons this year.

And speaking of my upcoming races, this weekend will be my last long run effort before my half marathon. You’re not really supposed to do a long run this close to a race, but I have to take into account that my full marathon is 7 weeks away, and I’ll be tapering for that one before I know it. SO, I solemnly swear that after my run on Saturday morning, I will take it easy and rest as much as possible before my race the next weekend!

My week next week will consist of teaching a few Jazzercise classes and running a couple times but at a slower, easier pace. I need to keep my endurance in check without doing anymore tissue damage to my muscles. And also, I’ll be focusing on eating as healthy as possible through the first part of the week and then low-fat carb-loading towards the end of the week. Since this is my first major race, this is all trial-and-error. Yes, I’ve tried to prepare for all of this with my long runs, but races always feel so much different to me! Let’s hope that it’s all in my head and my body just acts like the half-marathon is a normal Saturday morning long run in Springfield. 🙂

I’m off to teach a 6:45 Jazzercise class. Have a great evening, and I’ll see you tomorrow! We’re almost to the weekend! Woot!!


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