Out with the Fall, in with Christmas!

Happy Friday, ya’ll! It’s a been a beautiful day here in Springfield. Temps are mild. The sun is shining. And Nick is headed off to deer camp. So I’m pumped to start this weekend of alone-time that is hopefully full of productiveness!

My first item on the agenda? Fall decor must come down. All of it.

photo(119)Yes, my Fall decorations have served my house well. But it’s time for the switchover. Mac is the most excited for this event.

christmasdoggieIt’s Santy Paws! This is what happened last year while I was decorating. And yes, it will probably happen again this year. I know exactly where his Santa Clause outfit is, and I will be bringing it out of storage as soon as I get home this evening.

So I must warn you.. I’m one of those crazy people that completely overdoes the Christmas decorating. So my house will look a little like this…

mantle 6And this.

christmas-2011-bossov-sapp-mcgee-seven-hills-033Also this.

3080787745_b033e5393a_nAnd last but not least, the tacky awesome inflatables that people tend to pull out at this time of year.

christmas-decoration-overkillOH yes, that just happened.

Okay, I’m obviously joking. I would never let my house turn into this. Just google image search ‘Christmas decorations overkill’ and tell me if they don’t make you chuckle just a bit. Some people be crazy with their Christmas decorations. But I’m not one of the crazies.

Tonight, I’ll be focused on figuring out where my tree will go and then rearranging the furniture to make everything fit. I would love to get my Fall decor put away and the tree up before bedtime! We’ll see if it actually happens. I’m also in the mood to bake, so these two things may not work well together. Baking will most likely win – I’m craving chocolate. 🙂

Today has been normal for the most part. I ran 3.25 miles this morning in 40 degree temps. I felt naked without my gloves and ear warmer on! I was glad to not have them on though. I would’ve been too toasty. And then after work tonight, I have the whole evening free! WOO! I’ll try to be as productive as possible, so I’ll have some good decor to share with you all.

Along with decorating, my mom and I are going to do some Christmas shopping tomorrow. It should make for a fun day! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well. See you all later!


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