Beginning the Sugar Detox

Good Tuesday morning to ya! Hope you had a good evening yesterday. I spent my night cooking, doing a little laundry, and taking Mac for a walk in the dark. This time change is messing with me! I like the sun being up earlier, but I don’t appreciate it being dark as I drive home from work at 5 PM. Oh well….so begins the Winter months. 🙂

I also spent some time last night trying to catch up on the last few episodes of American Horror Story. Any fans out there?? Nick and I are pretty obsessed with this show and have watched each season/series since it started.

american-horror-story-coven-2Creepy! The current series, Coven, is about some young witches that have been brought together in a small ‘school’ made just for them to learn to control their powers. I had missed the last 3 episodes, but thankfully my trusty DVR let’s me catch up whenever I have time! If you like spooky stuff, you should definitely check this series out.

Sugar Detox Time

Well, it’s that inevitable time where I must detox my body and jump back on the healthy-eating wagon completely. Starting with Halloween and through my birthday weekend, I ate whatever I wanted and however much I wanted without much guilt or thought. But Halloween is over and my cookie cake is gone. So today begins my complete sugar detox to get myself back on track!

I’m not one of those naturally thin people that can eat whatever and not gain any weight, so I have to constantly keep myself in check to maintain a healthy weight and make sure my pants will still zip. Today when I got dressed, my dress pants still came on, but they are not as loose as they were before the weekend, that’s for sure! So I started my day off with some oatmeal, fresh raspberries, and yogurt.

photo(131)Like always, the hot oatmeal with raspberries mixed in was my favorite part.

photo(130)I also tried to keep it light last night by having some quinoa and veggies for the main part of my evening meal. I made enough so I can have it for lunch today too!

And sadly, the giant bowl of Halloween candy will be coming to the office with me after lunch so I can give away the last of my sweet temptations.

photo(118)I tend to think I have a lot of willpower when it comes to eating healthy, but this bowl of candy in my living room is killing Nick and I slowly. So I figure I’ll just get rid of it to ease our minds and our bellies. Let the sugar detox begin!

The holidays tend to be killer on the waistline, so I’m trying to be extra motivated to keep myself in check right up until Thanksgiving and then again until Christmas. I refuse to have to buy bigger pants just because of holiday indulging! And hopefully between my Jazzercise classes and training for the half marathon, I’ll be able to at least maintain a healthy weight through the new year. Send your motivation vibes my way!

As for the rest of my Tuesday, I have two Jazzercise classes right after work.  I love working my classes into my half marathon training plan as my ‘cross training’ days. I thought it would be hard to train for a half marathon while teaching 6 classes a week, but it’s been great so far!

I hope you all have a great day, and I’ll chat with you soon!


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