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Feels Like Winter

Happy Hump day evening! It was a long and busy day, so I’m just now checking in. Thankfully I’m home tonight and have time to catch up! Plus I even had time to put together a pot of homemade soup that’s simmering on the stove right now. Recipe to come!

Workout, Part I

This morning I woke up early to get on my workout clothes and head out for my typical Wednesday morning run. On the schedule for today was 5+ miles. The forecast was looking gloomy, so before I even left my bed, I checked out the weather radar. It didn’t look so good! The temps were in the 50’s, but our entire area was covered in green blobs of rain. So I opted to go to the gym to run as far as I could tolerate on the treadmill.

I got through 3 grueling miles before I absolutely had to get off that thing! I did some abs and got in a good stretch before I finished my workout with one mile on the Elliptical. When I headed out of the gym, it was raining and I could tell the temps had dropped. A lot. It felt like Winter had arrived while I was working out! And from the weather forecasts I watched while I was on the treadmill, the cooler temps were going to keep pushing into Springfield throughout the day. Definitely feels like Winter today!


I quickly showered and got ready for my work day when I made it home from my less-than-exciting treadmill run. It was better than nothin’ though! And once I made it to my office, I was hungry for breakfast. I had prepared a batch of overnight oats to bring to work with me. They weren’t my best ever, but they filled me up!

photo(101)I also had some yogurt on the side for extra protein.

image(5)This new flavor is Blended Orange Creme. If you like orangey stuff, you would love it! I gobbled it up in about 30 seconds flat I’m sure. ๐Ÿ™‚


Lunch started right when I walked in the door because I was starving! I grabbed the first thing that I could find in my fridge. Hummus!

photo(132)While I had lots of this stuff with baby carrots, I made a quick wrap with chicken, spinach, and spicy mustard.

photo(102) image(6)I put in extra spinach. I was feeling guilty for not having a big salad like normal. It did the trick!

Workout, Part II

The rain cleared up as the day progressed, and the temps kept dropping. This presented the perfect opportunity for me to run outside and try out some of my cold weather running gear. I headed out right when I got home for a quick 4 mile run in the dropping temps. 38 degrees feels a lot different from the 50 degree temps that were here this morning! But the run went by fast, especially since I knew I had a hot shower waiting for me at home. ๐Ÿ™‚ย This brought my mileage for the day to 7 miles which is all I wanted to accomplish with this second workout. Woot for staying on track with my half marathon training!

Now tonight we’re just relaxing as I whip up a new recipe. American Horror Story has a new episode tonight, too! I probably won’t stay awake through the whole thing, but my DVR will make sure I don’t miss it. Have a great night, everyone!