Post-Christmas Shopping & Running

Hey there party people! I hope you’ve had a great day and your food hangovers have subsided. My belly is full once again after having leftovers all day, but at least we are on a downhill slide away from the holiday goodies!

It’s been a great day here at the Beishir household. We slept in until 7 a.m. It was a Christmas miracle!

Mac was a tired boy and mommy was thankful for extra sleep! After sleeping in and a hot cup of coffee, I headed out for a nice run in Arnold City Park.

The local park has a nice 3.1 mile loop which I overshot slightly. I completed two loops and 7.1 miles in 59 minutes. It was a good run but kinda painful after eating all the Christmas goodies! It felt good to sweat for sure.

Once I got home, we had a big breakfast before Nicks momma and I headed out for some post-Christmas shopping. Christmas decor at up to 80% off! Woot! I loaded up on lots of wrapping paper and bows and cards. And you know I can’t forget about Mr. Mac.

This cute poinsettia toy was only a buck, has no stuffing for him to pull out, and is instead filled with crinkly paper of some sort. He loves it!

Nick and I headed out to the Verizon store once I was done shopping with Karen. It was time to go get my Christmas gift from him : a new iPhone 5S! Yes, I’m blogging from it right now since I’m not home with my laptop. And yes, I love it. 🙂 he spoils me for sure.

Tonight we are just vegging out around the house. Karen has had quite the audience all evening! The puppies around here really love food.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to squeezing in a Jazzercise class or two and maybe a shorter run. Then Saturday morning will be my 10-mile race in STL! I’m pretty excited for it. 🙂

Have a great evening and I will see you all later! Get excited for the weekend!


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